A Golden Discovery

Jewelmer’s latest film gives us a peek into Solenn Heussaff’s long standing love affair, inspired by the living gem, the golden South Sea pearl.

Woven into every layer of the pearl are tales of discovery, and passion.

When the wonders of the sea inspire the artist’s imagination, what transpires is a romantic affair with the vast blue ocean and the universe beneath it.                                                      

A Golden Discovery revolves around the multi-talented French-Filipina artist and actress, Solenn, as she explores her romance with the sea.  All she represents — elegance, national pride, natural confidence, and originality —  resonate with Jewelmer’s golden creations perfectly, and it is for this reason that she embodies what it means to be a Jewelmer woman. 


In harmony with Mother Nature, each golden South Sea pearl reveals the mystery and allure of the ocean. Forever a treasure to collect and behold, this film celebrates the pearl, a jewel once hidden at the heart of the ocean. It is a symbol of connection and a story of love, telling of both the seas and those who encounter its innate beauty.

Much like the golden pearl, a woman is precious and a brilliant embodiment of rarity. The inner beauty of every Filipina is worth celebrating, it is uplifting and inspiring.