A Golden Memory

Your father was, is, and always will be, an impeccable stature of wisdom and refinement.

Honor the stable rock in your life who has shared your joys with a meaningful treasure. This year, give him a lasting gift that speaks a thousand words, and one that will always remind him of family.

From a dynamic Pamana brooch embedded with the Filipino spirit, to a bracelet reminiscent of the sea’s Lapis Lazuli blue from the Azur collection, to our Leather collection’s Pearl of Wisdom bracelet, these creations are the embodiment of every individual’s message to their Father—everyday is a gi with your caring presence.

A shining example to follow—there’s no greater gift than the pride of one’s father and there’s no greater love than their own for their child. In inspired happiness, love, and pride, celebrate the hero that is your father—a beaming light in your life.