A Golden Reflection

Jewelmer, the pioneer of cultivating the Philippine national gem, taps into every individual’s passion to create and empower. The pearl, the world’s only living gem, is a radiant pledge to beauty and creative vitality. A natural indicator of the health of the planet, each of its layers convey meaningful messages, illustrating the impact that environmental changes have on the marine world. 

A Golden Reflection is a newly-launched film that presents an eye-opening message about our oceans. Showcasing the South Sea pearl, a gi from nature that symbolizes beauty and sustainability, the powerful film illustrates the symbiotic relationship between the Palawan seas and the Filipino people.

Working with a free diver who held her breath throughout the majority of the filming — an exceptional talent requiring impressive dedication and courage — the maison shines a spotlight on the vibrant environment where the golden pearl grows and thrives.

The golden future of the South Sea pearl exists through our respectful coexistence — we must endeavor to protect our planet, our home.

With the launch of A Golden Reflection, Jewelmer honors and fulfills a promise: A living gem has the power to transform our mindsets, to shine a pivotal spotlight on how the environment impacts our future, and to inspire us all to do our part for the next generations.