A love made golden

Jewelmer unveils its jewelry for brides, highlighting the mystique of the golden South Sea pearl. Adorning a radiant bride on a day when promises are set in stone, South Sea pearls embody a love made ever golden.

For centuries, pearls have piqued the world’s fascination. Hindu folklore had it that the god Krishna plucked the first pearl from the ocean to give it to his daughter Pandaia on her wedding day. In ancient Rome, pearls were believed to attract fortune, that bequeathing them became a way of wishing couples luck and prosperity. Being the world’s only living gem, pearls have always echoed the moon’s spiritual allure—becoming in themselves symbols of femininity, fertility, and mystique.

In the contemporary age, pearls are made more whimsical in their golden incarnation. With its ethereal lustre, a golden South Sea pearl conjures a world of beauty and of light—a golden orb representing a treasure of a lifetime. Worn as jewellery, it conveys passion, exquisite and rare. Love is expressed in the warmth of gold, riddled with the mirth and the magic of a woman.

Highlighting nature’s magical creation, Jewelmer’s bridal selections evoke the golden light in every woman: from the blushing brides and bridesmaids, to their mothers who came before them. A wedding, after all, is a celebration of love and light.  It is here that a golden South Sea pearl becomes a personal memento, a gem to mark and remember a milestone.

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