A Modern Aphrodite

Rising from the gentle ripples of the waves, she begins her graceful ascent. As she emerges from a lustrous shell, she enchants and mesmerizes with her resplendent gaze.

Aphrodite has arrived on our shores. The sea goddess of love and beauty, Greek mythology tells the tale of how droplets of water slowly fell from her silhouette, and began to form radiant pearls.

Miss Universe Philippines 2022, Celeste Cortesi, is our modern-day goddess — her endless mystique has long captured imaginations.

Adorned in exquisite creations from the La Mer en Majesté collection, she embodies the effervescent charm of the golden South Sea pearl — her sparkling beauty glittering like brilliant treasures from the depths of the sea.

Inspired by the captivating moment when white foam reaches the shoreline, the La Mer en Majesté collection features luminous pearls, vibrant gems, and delicate textures — recalling the magical nature of the underwater world.

With the sea as the collection’s primary muse and the queen of gems bringing its creations to life, this exquisite interplay pays homage to the home of the golden South Sea pearl: the majestic seas.