A Vision of Radiance

A remarkable jewel from the ocean, and a marvelous product of time, care, and harmony with nature, every pearl is a living miracle — and every pendant, pure serendipity. Through its unique luster, every pearl tells an inspiring tale of passion and creation, from the hands of skilled craftsmen to the grace of the sea.


The Les Classiques collection includes essential jewelry pieces that form the foundation of Jewelmer. The brilliance of these exquisite creations exude enduring charm and desirability. Each Les Classiques piece glistens with creative vitality and brings its own light through the radiant luster of the South Sea pearl. Out of the water’s enchanting depths shines a brilliant treasure—the Les Classiques pendants take inspiration from the synchronic flow of fish.


The deep, mysterious ocean and nature’s mystical powers of creation come together to create an exceptional and rare masterpiece, the exquisite Les Classiques Pendant. Each golden South Sea pearl within these unique pendants have wandered amongst the magical depths of the ocean —blooming a thousand times over like sunbeams shining from within. 

In thoughtful poetry, the Les Classique pendants are an exquisite embodiment of Jewelmer’s commitment to sheer beauty and elegant harmony.