Elegant Splendor

Modern in its vision and elegance, each poetic jewel is a story of love and celebration. 

The creation of a golden South Sea pearl takes 377 precise steps and 5 years of dedicated care. It comes along so seldomly that each one is extraordinary, yet unique in its own way. 

The Les Classiques Studs are the foundation of Jewelmer’s exquisite fine jewelry. Behind this must-have piece is the meticulous process of finding perfectly matching pearls. Two seemingly identical unique South Sea pearls are selected from thousands of pearls to create a pair that will likewise find its match in the Jewelmer woman. 

Jewelmer’s creations represent a harmony with nature, a product of time, care, and serendipity. The centerpiece of each jewelry piece, the exquisite golden South Sea pearl, brings out every individual’s innate beauty and natural confidence.