Fit For A Queen: Jewelmer’s La Mer en Majesté Crown

Known as the queen of gems and the gem of queens, the pearl has long captured the very essence of every woman, embodying her strength, warmth, and innate elegance.

At the heart of Jewelmer is empowering women through South Sea pearl creations that bring out her best. The brand proudly continues its partnership with Miss Universe Philippines, a platform that celebrates women and inspires confidence.

On May 22, 2024, the organization held their Coronation Night, where the new reigning queen, Chelsea Manalo of Bulacan, was crowned with Jewelmer’s La Mer en Majesté Crown. This marks the third year that the Crown has been highlighted and showcased.

Crafted by Filipino artisans trained in École du Louvre's traditional techniques, the
standard of Place Vendôme’s ateliers, the La Mer en Majesté Crown is fit for the empowered and radiant woman who wears it.

A joyous homage to the home of the golden South Sea pearl, the Palawan seas, the Crown is inspired by the foam that forms in the water, the color of triumphant skies, and the colorful beings playing in the water’s secret world.

The South Sea pearl is a golden emblem of resilience and radiance, with its very essence akin to the courage and beauty of every woman.