Jewelmer Joaillerie’s SS 2017 collection takes flight

(MANILA, PHILIPPINES) JEWELMER JOAILLERIE has, for more than three decades, championed classic creations that portray the fantasy of the pearl. Each year sees how Jewelmer elevates the classics to grander incarnations—commanding new heights and territories that are yet to be discovered. This January, the international brand launches its Spring Summer 2017 collection, celebrating the spirit of beauty and life.

Here, life is re-imagined through moments and movements: from years of voyages and strolls in Paris, to poetic junctures like the waltz of light. Creations graced with lustrous pearls magnify life’s intensity and immensity. Whether it’s a flight to a foreign country or a flight of the mind, fine jewelry bears witness to how beauty comes to life.

Quetzal, crafted with colorful gems and baroque pearls, mimics the flight of Guatemala’s famed winged creature. La Parisienne, featuring golden mementos like the Moulin Rouge and the Eiffel Tower, captures the gaiety of a day in Paris. Nids d’Ange encapsulates the tender moment of a precious pearl cocooned in diamonds. Zen recalls spectral gardens, silver rain, and golden light. Tropics takes one through a reverie of rich rainforests. Guimard revisits the curvilinear forms of the Art Nouveau. Luminescence eternalizes moonlight mirrored in the dancing sea. Giverny recreates the secret garden of a French impressionist. And Voile D’or depicts golden sails strung with pearls, signaling a voyage

Jewelmer Joaillerie’s SS 2017 collection is unveiled in Pinto Art Museum, where modern works of art draw spectators into the realm of muses. Wearing the pieces, models parade in garments designed by celebrated fashion designer Joey Samson. Various silhouettes and ornate designs conjure fantasies of cruising, transporting guests further to the worlds of fashion and imagination.

The gathering is a tribute to the rich tradition of French design and modern Asian sensibilities, and an homage to the continuing evolution of a classic gem. Jewelmer Joaillerie’s SS 2017 collection revels in life and movement. In the realm of high jewelry, it highlights a future created by the flight of a golden dream.