La Mer en Majesté

Life begins with the breath of water. Sunbeams softly filter through the surface of the ocean, illuminating a spectacle found beneath. When the universe of the sea inspires the artist’s imagination, what transpires is a poetry of creation: the world of La Mer en Majesté.


A humming wind, a soft fantastical mist—pendants are inspired by the foam that forms in the water.


A necklace is conjured from the dance of the currents. Its gentle curve mimics the wave’s flow and movement, while the blue and gold of the ocean reflects the color of triumphant skies.



Beneath the waves are creatures that run a full spectrum of colors. A beautiful interplay of pearls and the colors of life at sea, rings evoke the ocean’s treasures, the radiant beings playing in the water’s secret world.


Where the sea is muse, every piece highlights a most precious creation birthed in the kingdom.


La Mer en Majesté is a joyous homage to the home of the rare golden South Sea pearl.