Tales across the seas

Luminous stories unravel to those who venture far beyond familiar waters.  Jewelmer’s Cruise collection embodies an explorer’s dream, and the thrill of finding worlds that lie beyond horizons.


Woman in a yellow dress wearing pearl ring and pearl earrings.


Cruise is inspired by an ancient ship that held men’s weight as it glided into the water. Sculpted gold and lustrous diamonds recall the silhouette of sails, dancing softly with the ocean breeze. The water—where the golden South Sea pearl is born—is the central symbol of life. A boat evokes the beauty of working with the currents, the wearer’s energy in harmony with life’s natural force and flow.


Woman in orange jumpsuit wearing pearl earrings and pearl ring


Every golden piece is a capsule of a precious story, inviting women—all captains and explorers—to heed the call of the open sky.


Woman in green dress wearing pearl earrings and pearl ring


Woman in green wearing pearl earrings and pearl ring