The golden South Sea pearl graces the ASEAN ladies’ luncheon

The golden South Sea pearl is globally recognized as a cultural emblem. Last Nov. 14 during the week of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) meeting in the Philippines, a luncheon was held at the Manila Hotel in honor of the ladies of ASEAN 2017. The event celebrated the beauty of Filipino culture and tradition: expressed through food, fashion, and the Philippine national gem.

Guests were treated to a four-course Filipino menu and a fashion show with the theme “Manila Wear.” Celebrated Filipino fashion designer Randy Ortiz showcased his 32-piece collection, created with indigenous materials sourced from different provinces, and highlighted by the golden South Sea pearl. Here, a piña vintage gown is paired with a golden South Sea pearl strand; golden pearl earrings complement a dress made with indigenous weaves—the country’s cultural treasures are presented, honored, and re-imagined.