The Heritage of Love

Jewelmer celebrates love in a multitude of ways. In Chinese culture, the families of a couple hold a betrothal ceremony called the Ting Hun, a time-honored tradition upheld by those who came before them. We welcome new beginnings with a wealth of special rituals and an equally historic cultural emblem, the golden South Sea pearl.



The bride-to-be makes her entrance walking backwards, a gesture believed to usher out the negative energy in the room. A lucky lady, the most successful aunt blessed with good health, family, and fortune, then turns the bride clockwise three times. As the auspicious energy is passed on, only then will the bride be allowed to see her groom.



Symbolizing happiness and fortune, drinks are served from the eldest to the youngest individuals in the entourage, and finally to the marrying couple. The gift-giving ceremony then begins, with sets of jewelry from the family of the groom to the bride—precious new objects heralding a lifetime of luck and prosperity.


Spring Blossoms | Ting Hun | Jewelmer 

Bequeathed as a gift, the family’s rarest of treasures, golden pearl jewelry becomes symbolic of love and the beauty of connection. In giving it to another, one shares the pearl’s spirit of harmony and balance—the energy that heals and the life that prospers.



Jewelmer celebrates the beliefs and the rituals that have tied together entities: the union of families, and the bond between two souls. In this rare cultural occasion, we honor the connections bound to outlast time.