Treasures from the Deep

Treasures from the Deep

The sea is both artist and muse in a collection that pays tribute to its mystery, majesty, and nurturing power. The golden South Sea pearl, a sustainable gem born from oysters that thrive in the pristine waters of the Palawan, Philippines, is the crowning jewel of each piece, complemented with precious stones that glisten in the light.

Ocean Gift Brooch

Out of the water’s enchanting depths shines a brilliant treasure. A sparkling gem is gently cradled by the delicate seagrass that softly sways with the waves. From the seabed, a glimmer of vibrance rises to meet the sun — the golden pearl, the ocean’s gift.


Secret of the Sea Necklace

In the Secret of the Sea Necklace, the pearl emerges like the sun on a brand new day, bright and miraculous. Lively underwater flora bloom with a thousand hues, and give rise to a golden mystery.