Unparalleled Rarity

On October 15, 1996, President Fidel V. Ramos declared the Philippine pearl, otherwise known as the South Sea pearl, as the national gem. Imbued with a strong spirit of harmony and community, the golden pearl is a national heritage bestowed from generation to generation—a beacon of rarity and significance for the Philippines.


Jewelmer pays homage to the 25th anniversary of the Philippines' beloved national gem—the exquisite golden South Sea pearl. Endowed with a sense of wonder that makes the pearl a sheer delight to wear, Jewelmer’s centerpiece creates an enchantment that transcends time. The maison’s precious gem represents the vibrant story of this beautiful nation.


Jewelmer conjures a world full of possibility and promise through its modern vision and fluid elegance. With the radiant South Sea pearl at their core, the maison’s unique free-flowing pieces are imbued with beams of brightness, captivating in the sensual stirs of their golden elements.


Unlock the mesmerizing beauty and radiant light with the Les Classiques Pendant. The golden South Sea pearl radiates with vibrant energy in the Goutte d'Or Pendant. Easy, graceful settings captivate the senses in the Twist pendant—an ode to the world’s endless creations.

The sublime beauty of the maison’s golden collections have come to symbolize wonderful memories, overflowing with poetic energy. Each creation is sculpted with mindful artistry giving rise to a gem of illuminated beauty.